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Azure AD Sync

Synchronize data between Rock and Azure Active Directory with the Azure AD (AAD) Sync plugin. This plugin will enable your Azure AD users to log into Rock with their Azure AD credentials using single sign on (SSO).

Details $599

Birthday Announcements

Who doesn't like their birthday acknowledged? With the birthday announcement job you can easily keep tabs on birthdays as they happen.

Details $149

Cloudinary Storage Provider

Like the other storage providers, but 100x more awesome with photos. Cloudinary allows you to transform images on the fly!

Details $249

Content Channel Push

Turn up the volume on content channels by adding newsletter-like functionality. This plugin will email out new channel items to a list of subscribers.

Details $199

Email To Workflow

Open up a new world for workflows when you can launch them right from an email.

Details $299

Ministry Pass

The Ministry Pass service (formerly known as Mine Pass) allows you to quickly and easily deploy mobile passes to your attendee's mobile devices. Personalized, easily deployed and a seamless barcode check-in experience. What's not to love?

Details $0

PDF Toolkit

Who doesn’t love PDF, right? Native web pages are great, but at the end of the day sometimes you need PDF for those items that require the ability to download and be saved. Now get rich Lava to PDF tools right in Rock.

Details $450

Prayer Email Digest

What good is a prayer request if no one knows about it? This plugin allows you to email out prayer request digests.

Details $149

Storage Mover

The storage mover plugin allows you to move files that were uploaded to one storage provider and move them to a new location.

Details $450

Switchvox PBX Plugin

Import your call detail records to Rock and enable click-to-call.

Details $750

Triumph CDN

More than a typical Content Delivery Network, Triumph's CDN has been designed to maximize scale for your Rock infrastructure.

Details $0

Web Agility (Formerly Redirector)

The Web Agility plugin from Triumph Tech unlocks a breath of tools needed for today's SEO friendly websites.

Details $499

Wistia Integration

While many services provide basic video playback, Wistia crushes the competition when it comes to analytics and advanced tooling. It’s these features that make Wistia a perfect integration with Rock.

Details $650