Email To Workflow

The Email To Workflow plugin allows you to build advanced workflows that interact using email. While workflows have always been able to send email, with this new plugin, they can also be started from a workflow as well as be updated from a workflow.

In the first use case, an incoming email can be set up to start a new workflow. This passes on information like the sender, subject and message body. Your workflow will take this information and process it based on your organization’s need.

The second use case is a bit different. You can also configure a new email to update an existing workflow. When the ‘Enable Active Workflow Match’ feature is enabled, the plugin will look for a Workflow Id in the subject line (prefixed with a # sign). If one is found, the plugin will call the activity named ‘Incoming Message’ (the name must be an exact match or a new workflow will be created) of the workflow and the defined attributes will be added as Activity Attributes. Also, if the specific workflow has already completed, it will re-enable that workflow. If no Workflow Id can be found in the subject line, then a new workflow will be created.

This plugin supports three different services:

This plugin requires a paid external service to run. If you're already using either SendGrid or Mailgun for sending email no additional fees are required.


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