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Extend Rock's reach right into your inbox with the Outlook Plugin from Triumph.

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Outlook Plugin

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With the Outlook Plugin, you'll get immediate insight into the Rock with all the data from Rock right in a convenient sidebar. At a glance see profile details, badges, launch workflows and even view and update notes.

Built for Outlook environments on Windows, Mac, and Web; the Outlook plugin brings Rock front and center for day-to-day communication.

Speed up your follow up, with two easy steps.

  1. Sign up for an Outlook Subscription
  2. Install the Outlook Plugin on your server from the Rock Shop


Bring Rock and Outlook together with the Outlook Plugin from Triumph using the package below that is best suited to your organization's size.


Up to 1,000 Regular Attendees


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Up to 2,500 Regular Attendees


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Up to 5,000 Regular Attendees


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Up to 10,000 Regular Attendees


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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to questions many people have when considering the Outlook Plugin.

  1. What sections are added to the integration by default?

    Out of the box the plugin includes a bio section with basic information about the individual, including the ability to open the full Rock profile in a new window. The badge section; which shows a limited set of badges you've already developed. The actions section; which allows you to launch workflows right from Outlook. The primary family section, and the bookmarked attributes section; which are customizable for each individual using the plug-in.

  2. How much customization is possible?

    We’ve worked hard to deliver an experience that provides a lot of power for your team. However, like everything in Rock, you can customize it to take it to the next level. The pages that display in the Outlook Add-in are simply Rock pages that are styled for to match the Outlook environment. You can add to these pages to suit your needs.

  3. What operating systems and environments are supported?

    The plugin supports Windows, Mac and Web versions of Outlook. And can support any email source supported by Outlook including: Microsoft 365, self-hosted Exchange, IMAP, or even POP.

  4. Can I subscribe to the Outlook plugin service on a temporary basis?

    The Outlook plugin is designed to be an ongoing subscription service rather than a temporary service to turn off and on. Because Rock plugins cannot be uninstalled and it is powered by a key provided upon the initial subscription, access relies on the honor system that your subscription remains active over time. And once you've seen what the Outlook Rock plugin can do, you'll find that you can't imagine tackling your email without it.