PDF Toolkit

Who doesn't love PDF, right? Native web pages are great, but at the end of the day sometimes you need PDF for those items that need to be downloaded and saved. Unfortunately, creating dynamic PDFs on the fly has been tricky, until now. Due to the fact that quality HTML -> PDF components are not open-source, this functionality is provided as a plugin.

In fact, this plugin doesn’t give you one tool to create PDFs, it provides you three, that's right… three.

  1. Lava To PDF Block: Place this block on a page and you can create PDFs from a simple Lava Template.
  2. PDF Merge Document: Rock Core supports both Word and HTML merge docs. Now you can add PDF to that list!
  3. Lava To PDF Workflow Action: This workflow action takes a Lava template and creates a PDF document that is stored as an attribute.


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