Wistia Integration

Wistia is a premiere video hosting platform. While many services provide basic video playback, Wistia crushes the competition when it comes to analytics and advanced tooling. It’s these features that make Wistia a perfect integration with Rock.

The Wistia integration is a very robust plugin that allows for:

  • The syncing of projects and media from several different Wistia accounts.
  • The download of detailed media analytics.
  • Advanced matching of analytics views to individuals in Rock.
  • Lava shortcodes for embedding Wistia videos.
  • Field types for linking Wistia videos to content channels, events, etc. as attributes.
  • And a super cool field type for use on workflows to ensure that individuals watch videos in their entirety before allowing them to continue.


Be sure to read the documentation for all the details. In the initial version you'll still need to upload your videos in the Wisita management portal. Upload from Rock is coming in the next update.


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