Wistia Media Sync

Plugin Documentation


The Media Sync plugin for Wistia provides a one-way sync from your Wistia account into your Rock instance. When you add a new video to Wistia, it will be automatically created in Rock. Wistia projects are mapped to Rock media folders. So, when you create a project in Wistia you will see it show up as a media folder in Rock. Any media not included in a project will not be included in the sync.


For the plugin to access your Wistia account you need to configure a few things on Wistia. Specifically, you need to configure an API key for the plugin to use.

Configuring Wistia

To link your Wistia account you’ll need to start by finding your Wistia API key. This can be found by logging into Wistia and selecting ‘Account > Settings > API Access’. If you don’t see an API key here, you can create a ‘New Token’. Once a key is displayed, copy it, and then head back over to your Rock Server.

Configuring Rock

In your Rock instance, you need to go to your Media Accounts page and add a new account that will be synced with YouTube. Set the Account Type to “Wistia Media Sync” and then enter the API key you previously copied in the API Key field.

If you wish, you can click the Download button on the account details screen to initiate a sync to Wistia right away, or you can wait for the Rock job to run and perform the sync for you.