Vimeo Media Sync

Plugin Documentation


The Media Sync plugin for Vimeo provides a one-way sync from Vimeo into your Rock instance. This process applies to the Vimeo folders as well as the Vimeo videos. So, any folders you create in Vimeo will be created or updated in Rock. The same is true of videos. When you upload a video into Vimeo, it will be automatically created in Rock.

Vimeo allows you to either have your video be part of a folder or not part of a folder. However, Rock requires all media items to be in a folder. Therefore, if any of your videos in Vimeo are not in a folder then they will be placed in a Rock folder called “Library”. You can rename this folder if you want, but if you delete it then it will be re-created on the next sync. Therefore, we recommend that you organize your Vimeo videos into folders.

Additionally, Rock does not display the hierarchy of Vimeo’s nested folders. Instead, the folder structure is flattened. To match what is displayed in Rock, we recommend using folders without nesting. 


In order for the plugin to access your Vimeo account you need to configure a few things on Vimeo. First, you will need a Pro account or higher in order to get access to the media files. Second you need to configure an authentication token for the plugin to use.

Configuring Vimeo

To generate an authentication token, you need to go to and click the “Create an app” button. You will then need to provide an App Name and App Description before clicking “Create App”.

Once your app is created, you need to create a Personal Access Token that Rock will use when accessing your account. Scroll down to the Authentication section and select the “Authenticated (you)” radio button. In the Scopes you will need to have Public, Private and Video Files selected. Then click Generate button. After the page refreshes you should see your new token under Personal Access Tokens. Copy the Token string and store it somewhere you can get to it again in the future if you need to. It will not be shown again so if you forget it you will need to delete the old one and generate a new token.

Configuring Rock

In your Rock instance, you need to go to your Media Accounts page and add a new account that will be synced with Vimeo. Set the Account Type to “Vimeo Media Sync” and then enter the token you just created above in the Authorization Token field and save the account.

If you wish, you can click the Download button on the account details screen to initiate a sync to Vimeo right away, or you can wait for the Rock job to run and perform the sync for you.