Lava Tools

Plugin Documentation


Introducing Lava Tools from Triumph Tech. The first version of this plugin provides a new way to understand lava performance, with benchmarking data showing how long it took to process and the number of database queries it ran.


IMPORTANT To use this plugin you must have the Lava Fluid Engine enabled.

Benchmark Shortcode

Triumph's benchmark shortcode is a simple way to find out more about the performance of a provided Lava template. Simply wrapping your Lava inside of the shortcode allows you to see information on how long it took to run and the number of database calls it invoked. You can even list out each of the database calls to see which is taking the longest and view the actual SQL.


To use the Lava benchmark enclose your lava inside of a shortcode:

{[ benchmark ]}

    Your Lava here…

{[ endbenchmark ]}


  • Showdatabasequeries - When enabled will show the timings and SQL for each database query that was invoked by the Lava.