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Bring your Rock Mobile app to life with our App Factory service. Lean on the technical expertise of the Triumph team to handle all the details required to update the Rock Mobile shell and deploy it to the Apple and Google app stores on your behalf.
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Build, Deploy and Update your app in seconds with App Factory.

App Factory is a service that hosts the Rock Mobile Shell and provides Push Messaging for your application. As Shell updates are made available, you will opt into the additional features and functionality when you are ready. This service is available for Rock Mobile apps built by the Triumph team and apps you build in house.

Publish your Rock Mobile app to the app stores with the App Factory

Whether you work with Triumph to build your Rock Mobile app or your build it yourself, you will need help publishing it to the app stores. The App Factory service handles the initial deploy as well as the ongoing Rock Mobile Shell updates that give you access to the latest features and functionality. Options include hosting on your Apple and Google developer store accounts or ours, as well as choosing the timing for all shell updates.

Triumph Messaging Included
Push notifications made simple.

Triumph Messaging allows your Rock instance to send unlimited push notifications. We provide you with the API keys to enable the Rock Push Transport in your Rock instance so you can send push messages using the native tools inside of Rock.

The App Factory is good for you and for the community

Rock Mobile is a feature of Rock RMS that brings increased opportunities for connection, personalization and discipleship to your members. 30% of every subscription to the App Factory will be donated to Spark Development Network to fund the continued development and maintenance of the Rock Mobile Shell.


Start building your app with App Factory from Triumph using the package below that is best suited to your organization's size.

Note that if you build your own Rock Mobile app, there will be a one-time cost of $499 for the initial deploy to the app stores. If you work with Triumph to build your Rock Mobile app, your first deploy will be included in your project.


Up to 1,500 Regular Attendees


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Up to 5,000 Regular Attendees


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Up to 12,000 Regular Attendees


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Up to 20,000 Regular Attendees


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use my own app store accounts?

    Yes, you can choose to use your Apple and Google developer store accounts or ours. If you use your own accounts, you'll need to keep up with the frequent contract update acknowledgements they send out and make sure they are always signed and ready to go.

  2. Will I lose the history and comments on my current app?

    In most cases, we can keep your app history and comments by deploying your new Rock Mobile app over the top of your current app.

  3. Does the App Factory service include the cost to build my Rock Mobile app?

    No. You may build your Rock Mobile app in-house or contract with Triumph to build it for you. The cost to build your app depends on the features you wish to include. Talk with our team for a quote.

  4. Does this include Q&A support for building my own Rock Mobile app?

    No. The App Factory service plan includes only the initial deploy of your Shell to the app stores and the ongoing updates to the Shell to include new features. There is no additional support provided to answer Rock Mobile app development questions.

  5. Does this include ongoing app development costs?

    No, although Triumph offers monthly app support and development retainers if you would like to work with our team to continue building out your Rock Mobile app.

  6. If we publish our app under Triumph’s app store developer accounts, can we later move them over to our own developer accounts?

    Yes, it will be possible to transfer the app to your developer accounts at a later date for a nominal fee to cover the time to process the move.

  7. What if we're not ready for a shell update as soon as it comes out?

    Don't worry. You will control the timing for each Shell update. Once you tell us you're ready, we'll complete the update and redeploy the Shell for you according to your preferred timeline.

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