App Factory Developer Tips

The Apple and Google app stores evaluate app submissions to make sure they meet their standards. We have compiled some tips for app developers to highlight content and development standards that will help prevent multiple resubmissions.


  • Images that are too large (both in size and dimensions) can crash your app or make it run slow. Compress and optimize your images before upload or with Rock for the best performance.
  • Consider using Rock Shortcodes for XAML content that is used in multiple places in the app. This cuts down on redundant code and allows for easy updates when changes are needed.
  • All user-inputted content should be passed through the Lava Escape filter. Special characters like ampersands and single quotes can throw errors in the XAML if not handled properly.
  • Apple may reject the app if fields like Gender, Date of Birth, and Phone Number are required during account registration. It's recommended to make these optional during the review.
  • Test on as many devices and screen sizes as possible. Consider what might happen when text wraps and content is rendered dynamically from Rock.

Performance and Logic

  • Utilize the Lava and/or Block cache features to reduce server load. Keep in mind that personalized content should not be cached. If you are regularly defining the same style properties on various XAML elements across your app, consider using CSS classes instead. This will allow you to easily make updates in one place.
  • If you need to redirect to another page on app startup based on some Lava logic, use the Homepage Routing Logic under Advanced Settings instead of a Redirect control.
  • Use securityenabled:'false' in your entity commands to speed things up if security is not needed.

Reporting Issues

  • Report shell issues in the official Rock Mobile Issue Tracker on GitHub and hang out in the #mobile channel in RocketChat for community assistance.