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We create technology-driven solutions that reach people, grow churches and empower teams. Whether you’re starting from an idea or need help clarifying your digital strategy, Triumph has the experience to help you create success.

Mobile App Development

Our Rock Mobile apps take the best features of Rock, plus your branding, and deliver an integrated, interactive experience to your attendees, right at their fingertips.

The Summit Church

Rock Mobile blended with forward thinking design.


Technology built from the ground up to host your mobile apps.

Websites + Platforms

No static sites here - we create personalized experiences that provide your audiences with relevant events and content.

The Summit Church

A multilingual website with deep next-generation customization and mobile app integration.


Bringing a next generation website concept to life on Rock RMS

Custom & Core Development

We go beyond best practices to build best-in-class solutions for churches and non-profits to drive engagement everyday.

Willow Creek Care Center

Harnessing the power of Rock in a custom application to track and engage community care interactions.

Archdiocese of Detroit Steps

A custom project delivers core code to track everything from sacraments to discipleship journeys.

Consulting & Support

Our consultants are experienced with the technologies of Rock and the challenges of modern ministry. We use this dual experience to build carefully-engineered, Rock-powered solutions to meet your ministry needs.

NewSpring Church

We work closely with NewSpring to provide custom solutions and ongoing support for internal development teams.


Regular collaboration between tech teams to build engaging new features in core, as well as custom development and support.

Migration & Implementation

Our Ready. Aim. Fire. approach to Rock means we are focused on structuring a performant, scalable foundation for churches migrating to Rock. We customize your Rock install to meet your needs from hosting recommendations to feature configuration and all points in between.

Church of The Highlands

Partnered to implement unique infrastructure and customized solutions for weekend communications, check-in and volunteer onboarding.

Red Rocks Church

Supporting a church's high-tech vision with a seamless transition from CCB to Rock RMS through data migration, feature implementation and training.

How We Work

We believe in a structured approach to solving your ministry problems with technology. We like to refer to that process as Ready. Aim. Fire.


We believe a successful project starts at the very beginning with a thorough discovery of the problem statement and requested solution. As we gather complete requirements, we gain valuable insights to shape a solution that works today and in the future.


Just as you wouldn’t want to purchase a vehicle that hadn’t been precisely engineered, you shouldn’t purchase a software solution for your ministry that hasn’t been as diligently crafted. Once we have completed a thorough discovery, we will carefully engineer the solution and develop detailed plans to build it. At this point, we estimate the timeline and cost to develop it. Any pricing provided before a plan is engineered couldn’t be more than a guess. Any agreement signed before plans and mockups can be reviewed and agreed upon often leads to miscommunications and missed expectations.


Our team will build your custom project according to the engineering plans crafted in the Aim phase. Once development and testing are complete, we’ll deliver the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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