What Does Twilio's 'US A2P 10DLC' Mean?

Michael Garrison 3 years ago 2 mins read

You may have recently received some communications from Twilio using complex terms like 'US A2P 10DLC' (which you can simply read as 'My 10 digit Twilio phone number'). Understanding what this is referring to as well as the changes coming soon takes time, and may leave you with more questions than answers.

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Here are the details in four quick points.

  1. The price you are paying per message already increased when sending messages to Verizon customers, and will soon be increasing when sending messages to AT&T and T-Mobile customers. The most it is increasing for SMS messages at this time is $0.004 (4 tenths of a cent). The goal of all of this is to reduce text message spam by distinguishing between trustworthy versus untrustworthy sources.
  2. You do have the option to not change anything, and to continue exactly as is it right now. You should know, however, that if you ignore the process, then starting in June, you may find that some of your text messages aren't being delivered. This is because AT&T says they’ll be filtering messages for those accounts that don't change, and we don't know yet how aggressive that filtering will be.
  3. If you want to keep your current deliverability AND possibly increase how many messages you can sent per second, you will need to go through a few extra registrations in your Twilio account:
    • Register Your Brand: First, you need to register your 'Brand' (your church or organization). There is a $4 one-time fee for this process, and you will need to provide some basic information about your organization. With this information, they will assign your organization a 'Trust Level'.
    • Create a Campaign: Once you have been assigned a Trust Level (within 24 hours), you'll need to create a 'Campaign' in Twilio. Most churches will only want to set up a single campaign, using the 'Mixed / Marketing' campaign type. This required campaign will cost between $2-$10 per month.
    • Configure Phone Numbers: Once you have your campaign set up, you will need to go to each of your phone numbers and tell Twilio that they will each be using that campaign to send messages. Once you have done this, you should immediately enjoy an increase in how quickly you can send messages (this depends on the trust level you have been assigned). Once the new rates start up in June, messages sent through these numbers will be charged a $0.003 (3 tenths of a cent) per message rate increase to AT&T customers.
  4. No matter which option above you choose, nothing needs to change in Rock itself.

Recently, one of our church partners asked us to research the impact to their ministry as a part of their retainer. The Village Church has graciously allowed us to share the report we wrote for them to help the Rock Community.
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Written By Ministry Analyst, Trainer at Triumph

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