Triumph's Top 8 Personality Assessments

Emily Forman 3 years ago 1 min read

People are fascinating! Between working with our staff, involvement in recruiting, getting to know the Rock community members and interacting with the leadership of other organizations, our team has connected with thousands of people.

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We regularly use personality assessments to help us communicate with and understand others better, highlighting what makes us unique and underscoring our similarities. Because every assessment measures one small aspect of a person, the more assessments you use, the better (theoretically) you can understand someone. And we use a lot! We highly recommend incorporating at least the five high quality assessments built into Rock's core product, which have generously been made free to the Rock community.

Here are eight favorite assessments used most frequently by Triumph and by the organizations we work closely with:

Important Note: Using personality assessments to put people in boxes or to dismiss them is the wrong way to use them. There are no good or bad results.

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