Demystifying Email Spam with Google Postmaster Tools

9 months ago 2 mins read
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With Google’s recent announcement requiring spam reports of less than 0.3% starting in February 2024, monitoring your email reputation is more important than ever. Fortunately, Google will give you a glimpse into your email deliverability with Google Postmaster Tools. The tools are a free service to help track and optimize your email reputation by providing data and insights on your spam rate, and other various aspects of email performance.

Setting up Postmaster Tools is easy and just requires an account and adding a DNS record to your domain to verify ownership. To get started, sign-in at and follow the steps to add a TXT record to your domain.

With an account, you can view valuable information like:

  1. Spam rate: The percentage of your emails that Gmail users mark as spam. By examining daily spikes in spam reports against Rock communication sends, you can uncover messages that may have contributed to the spam reports.

    We recommend verifying there’s a plainly visible unsubscribe link on all bulk communication, and that the communication is being sent only to relevant, engaged people. This will help you avoid the negative impact of spam reports from users who are not interested or engaged with your messages.

  2. Domain reputation: The reputation of your domain based on your email sending history and user feedback, and gives a sense of whether the Gmail spam filter might mark emails from that domain as spam or not.

  3. IP reputation: The reputation of your IP address based on your email sending history and user feedback.

  4. Authentication: The status of the email authentication methods SPF, DKIM, and DMARC for your domain. A number less than 100% can indicate an incorrectly configured DNS records.

If you’re sending emails with Rock, taking advantage of Google Postmaster Tools can help demystify the factors that can keep emails from inboxes. Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your email campaigns and reach more Gmail users with Postmaster Tools.

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