Ministry Pass

Ministry Pass was formerly known as Mine Cart Studio's Mine Pass. We are still in the process of moving this solution over into the Triumph family of plugins. For now you'll need to sign-up for and administrate your account on the Mine Cart website.

Our innovative Ministry Pass service allows you to quickly and easily deploy mobile passes to your attendee's mobile devices. Personalization is made easy using your data and the Lava templating language. Passes are easily deployed using Rock's communication tools via email or text. Barcodes work seamlessly with check-in to simplify weekend and event experiences.

Note, this plugin represents the client components of the Ministry Pass solution. This requires a paid monthly service to enable. You can find out more about the service on the Mine Pass website.

Possible Uses:

  • Weekend Check-in: Speed up your weekend check-in experience by allowing for barcode check-in using your attendee's mobile phone or watch.
  • Events: Provide mobile tickets for your next event.
  • Camps: Reduce check-in lines for camp while also providing logistics information like assigned bus numbers, counselor names and cabin assignments.
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